Friday, 12 February 2010

Product Reviews

In our effort to keep you topped up with important information and details on every product we sell, our new website has the added feature of product reviews.

Simply navigate to any product on our online store. Click the "Product Information" button, from here you can see product details and larger images.

The box on the above is where you find all the information on each product, the box is also tabbed to save space. To access the reviews simply click the reviews tab.

The contents and possibly size of the information box will now change. The reviews tab will be highlighted and the last 5 reviews for this product can now be seen. If an item has more than five reviews and you want to read them all then simply click the link that says how many reviews there are in total (eg. "7 Reviews".) In this case this product has yet been reviewed by any of our customers.


If you have experience using the product why not let other users know what it was like, how easy it was to use, if it tasted nice or whether you know any tips that might help other people get the most out of it.
Writing a review is simple, firstly click the "Be the first!" or "Write a review" link (which ever is applicable.)


Then simply fill out the appropriate boxes. The summary is the header your review will have (eg. "Really nice but..." or "FABTASTIC",) the next box is the main content to your review (for more information on what to write and what not to write please visit
Next is the rating, this will be averaged with everyone else's ratings to give an overall product rating.

Then it's all about you, but we don't want to know everything! Your name and where you are is all the rest of the customers need to see (don't be too specific with your location, for example don't write "15/16 Faraday Close" write "Clacton-on-sea" or "Essex").

PLEASE NOTE: Your email address will not be displayed on the internet, in any promotional material or given to a third party.

When you've filled everything in click submit.
Now you might be thinking... "Where's my review gone?"

You'll notice that your review isn't yet shown on the website. Before any review is posted on our website it will be moderated to make sure it doesn't contain any offensive material, give away too much personal information or include spelling mistakes. Once we've checked it over and uploaded it to our website you and every other customer can view it.

So what are you waiting for... give it a go!