Thursday, 11 March 2010

Stylish Cupcake Design Aprons & Oven Mitts

Unless you've been living under a cake decorating rock for the past year, cupcakes are the new craze. We'll be adding plenty of new cupcake and bakeware products over the next week, but to start off what better to bake cupcakes in, than a cupcake apron?

Cupcake design betty style apron.
840mm (33") high x 880mm (34¾") wide

Form fitting & flirtatious, these Betty style aprons are the perfect kitchenwear! Constructed in a lightweight 100% cotton fabric.
Only £14.99 - Click Here For More Information

Or what better to remove you freshly baked cupcakes from the oven than cupcake design oven mitts?

Cupcake design oven mitt.
330mm (12¾") high

Constructed in 100% cotton fabric outer.
Only £4.99 each - Click Here For More Information