Wednesday, 12 August 2015

It's Not Just A Spatula!

This is an every day essential, ergonomic spatulas are fab, you've got to get yourself one!

I've just treated myself a bright green one and am not disappointed.
Really easy to clean as it is all in one, no where for nasty germs to hide, just wash in warm soapy water or put in your dishwasher.
Being made of silicone, it very flexible and gets every last drop of cake mix, chocolate or butter cream out of your bowl, nothing is left.
Great in non stick and ceramic pans too, can take the heat, releases everything from the surface of the pan and doesn't scratch or stick.
I've only had mine a short while and would be lost without it, my wooden spoons are redundant!
Why don't you try one? Choose from one of the lovely bright colours and let me know what you think!

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